Non US employees:
  • If you received services from Teladoc prior to 3rd August, these records will be available in the existing portal only and will not be transferred to the new portal. Use your existing login info.

  • If you want new services from Teladoc starting 3rd August, you must use the new portal. To access the new portal, you must click “Request Services”, “CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT” and use the code APPLEGLOBAL. Your login info for the existing portal will not work in the new portal.

US employees:

Expert Medical Services is here for you and your eligible family members. We can help you:

  • Feel supported and confident in making medical and mental health-related decisions.
  • If you’re unsure about a diagnosis or need guidance on your treatment plan.
  • Find a local expert or review treatment options available to you.
  • During a critical medical event, with expert advice.
  • Transgender and Intersex Medical Advocacy Program (TIMAP): Work with a Teladoc physician to get access to expert care from LGBTQ+–affirming providers.

Who can use this service?

As an Apple employee, you and your family members get unlimited access to this service at no additional cost

What to expect

You’ll be assigned a physician who will work with you. Here’s the process:

  • 1 Start a case

    • Via Portal (Preferred): When using the portal, use the code APPLEGLOBAL.
    • Via Email:
    • Telephone: +1-408-419-1607 (collect calls accepted as applicable in your region).

  • 2 Access expert guidance

    Connect with a physician who guides you through every step in the process and coordinates your review with a team of specialists.

  • 3 Receive collaborative care

    Our team of physicians works with you to develop and deliver a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that’s right for you.

Expert Medical Services are not telemedicine or a substitute for care from a treating physician, the services can help you to understand your diagnosis and/or treatment plan and, if necessary, may suggest an alternative treatment.

These are not emergency services, nor continued care services and they do not constitute or include all the medical care you may need. If you are feeling severely unwell, we advise you to contact your local emergency services. Below are some examples of conditions we cannot treat:
Chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, confusion, loss of consciousness, severe infection, severe pain, suspected stroke, seizures, pregnancy complications, high fever in unwell infant.